Judiciary arrests six on corruption charge

Agents of the Judicial Investigating Organization arrested five men and one woman suspected of embezzling and trafficking money.

Preliminary reports by investigators said that the suspects apparently created an organization or group that was successful in planting people in strategic positions of a public institution. The institution is the Instituto Nacional de Fomento Cooperativo, and agents said that it was in charge of promoting and developing cooperatives at the national level.

One person arrested was the executive secretary of the Consejo Nacional de Cooperativas. Another was the board president for the institute and as leader of the nation’s coffee cooperative.

Investigators said they believe that money for grants was given away to contacts close to the suspected leader of this group. Around 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning, over 160 agents of the Judicial Investigating Organization conducted raids at various houses in Sarapiquí, Grecia, Desamparados, Cartago, Tibás and Moravia. They also raided offices in Quepos , San José, Turrialba and Sarapiquí, according to the judiciary.

Among items seized by agents during the raids where electronic devices and documentation related to the investigation that could allow more determination as to the allegations of grants being used for corrupt purposes.

The central government had taken over control of the institute this month when complaints about corruption emerged.

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