Not all goods can be checked by Aduana

A man who was able to enter the country without declaring parts used for agricultural machines and tractors, was forced to pay 106 million colones as compensation for damage caused by the evasion of customs duties. The last 25 million of that amount were wired to the finance ministry last Thursday, March 23.

Prior to that payment, the man had already deposited 81 million colons for taxes, fines and interest, an alternative judicial measure known as integral damage repair, that keeps people from going to jail. The man also had to make a publication in a newspaper of national circulation as well, according to Poder Judicial.

“I don’t know the specifics of the case, but in general terms, not all the merchandise that arrives into the country is checked at Aduana. That would make international trade impossible. However we do random checks to verify that products declared in the forms are actually the ones entering the country,” said Fernando Rodríguez, a vice-minister with the Ministerio de Hacienda.

“As I said before, I don’t know this specific case but it is likely this person could enter the country and was later spotted on a second check,” Rodríguez added.

Once the agreements were completed, his criminal case was dismissed.

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