Our reader’s opinion

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Your article Wednesday had one small error. It made it look like CONCACAF would get an extraordinary percentage of teams into the World Cup, Russia, 2018.  You wrote: “This region with six teams will send at least three teams to Russia. A fourth spot is based on the results of a playoff with a team elsewhere.”

I just wanted to remind us that: This region CONCACAF actually began with 35 countries, not six.

Round 1) Qualifying started in March 2015 with 14 games, when seven teams were eliminated.
Round 2) Then in June 2015, 20 more games, with 10 more countries eliminated.
Round 3) September 2015, with 12 more games, six more countries eliminated.
Round 4) November 2015/March 2016 and September 2016 another 36 games, and eliminated 6 more countries.

So now, 29 members of CONCACAF have been eliminated with 82 games having been played throughout North & Central America, and the Caribbean Islands.

It’s a very long process, and Costa Rica is pleased to still be a part of the Final Round. In this round, six teams known as ‘The Hexagonal,’ play a total of 30 games and then we get to, “This region…will send at least three teams to Russia.” And maybe four!

Go Sele, Pura Vida.

Robert Roman  
Ciudad Colón  
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