Platina almost done, public works says

The Alfredo González Flores bridge over the Río Virilla is finishing its crawl to completion as 80 percent of the work is done, according to the public works ministry.

The bridge, colloquially known as the platina, has opened up some lanes since last week for regular traffic. From midnight to noon, it is the two lanes going toward San José that are open for transit, while only one is open going toward Alajuela. From noon to midnight, it flips and two lanes going back to Alajuela are open while one lane is open toward those going into the capital.

All that is left, according to the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes, is laying down the concrete, change the rivets and do some paint on the steel. The lanes being worked on now will be the ones going toward Alajuela when the bridge is opened. The ministry said that the added reinforcement work on the bridge will increase the load capacity by 70 percent.

The ministry did not estimate when the platina would be reopened again. It was closed back in January for the major construction project in expanding the lanes available for traffic. The bridge represents one of the major arteries between San José and Juan Santamaría international airport in Alajuela.

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