Reflections regarding realities are the current themes for these artists

Reflections in realities as embraced through multi-dimensional art mediums are the themes behind the two new exhibitions to be presented at the Costa Rican Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo today.

“Partidas y Partituras” by Honduran artist Pável Aguilar is a reflection on the immigrants returning to Honduras after a failed attempt to reach the United States on La Bestia.

According to the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud, La Bestia was the network of freight trains in México taking migrants towards the U.S. despite the result of the journey often ending in tragedy.

According to Adriana Collado, the curator for the exhibits, the work is presented in three acts with the first one being what she calls “the musicalization of silent dramas.” The second part composes visuals of missing body parts and the memory of the forgotten, Ms. Collado said.

“Finally, the cyclical history. We listen to the Texas Philharmonic Orchestra tuning before a concert: the pathetic symphony is to begin because certainly today, there are thousands of immigrants who have just started their departure toward exile,” she said.

Guillermo Tovar explores the hidden corners of nature.

Guillermo Tovar explores the hidden corners of nature.

The other exhibit showcasing the work of Costa Rican artist Guillermo Tovar combines nature with symbolism. Observing reality with the eyes of the mind is the goal for Tovar with a look into exploring other mediums of art such as digital animation, tattooing and painting.

“Truth that can only be revealed to those who learn to look beyond appearances and to observe reality with other eyes,” Ms. Collado explained in describing the exhibit.

The museum’s opening for the exhibit will be tonight at 7 p.m.

Admission is free to attend the ceremony, according to the cultural ministry. The normal entrance fee for foreigners is $3, while permanent residents and Costa Rican citizens get in for 1,000 colons. The museum is open from Tuesday until Saturday.


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