Renovated road seen as boost to area’s tourism

La Cruz and El Jobo, two small villages located in the northern part of the Guanacaste  province, have now a renovated road built to boost the economy in the area.

Ruta Nacional 935, that runs for 14 kilometers with two lanes, received a new layer of special asphalt known as TS3. New signs were also put in place.

The works will also benefit the communities of Tempatal, Puerto Soley and Cuajiniquil.

The improvements seek to make it easier for tourists to get to the beaches and help the local farmers who had trouble transporting their goods.

The works were financed thanks to an alliance between the Municipalidad de La Cruz, the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad and the investors of Hotel Dreams Las Mareas and the Costa Elena project.

“It is really satisfying to see the cooperation between the public and private sectors to benefit the communities and their access to basic services,” said Carlos Villalta, the minister of Public Works.

Carlos Hernández, director of the Costa Elena project, said the amount invested by the private parties reached $7.4 million and it makes part of their effort to increase the social and touristic development of the region.

“One of things that makes us proud is that, according to Ministerio de Planificación in 2013, the access to clean water implied a 30 percent increase in the health development index for the people. The aqueduct is also a work we did and then donated to the state,” he said.

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