Union complains about disabled quota

The opening of 32 jobs exclusively intended for disabled people in Poder Judicial, has sparked complaints among unionized employees who claim those spaces are already taken.

According to Poder Judicial officials, they are just complying with the law 8862, which requires all public organizations to reserve 5 percent of their available jobs for people with disabilities.

However, Freddy Solórzano, a union leader from Asociación Nacional de Empleados Judiciales, said the authorities are unfairly letting go people who have occupied that position in the past, just because they didn’t plan on time.

“It all comes down to the law and the reality. First of all the law says that the administration should reserve 5 percent of the jobs. To reserve is something you do before and not after. They should have complied with it before, since 2010. They didn’t. It’s not the workers fault.” he explained.

On the other hand, José Bermudez, director of human resources at Poder Judicial explained in a statement that the whole process has been transparent and cites several laws with which they are apparently complying. He also said the job openings were vacant.

A.M. Costa Rica tried to contact Bermúdez for further information, however the press office didn’t allow it, saying all the information is in the statement.

“It is a lie. There were people working those jobs as temporary workers, expecting to get an indefinite contract one day. We have nothing against the initiative of providing handicapped people with opportunities but not at the expense of others,” the union leader says.

Some of the jobs include the position of administrative assistants, receptionist, janitors and a radio technician among others. The jobs are opened for applicants until Friday.

“We are just asking the administration to halt the process and have a conversation with us. We need more people working at Poder Judicial, we are not enough. We should have the 32 people who were already there plus 32 more.” Solórzano said.

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