Álvarez Desanti appears to be Liberación nominee

José María Figueres has conceded in the election for the  Partido Liberación Nacional presidential nomination.

The former president held a press conference this morning as the latest totals show him with slightly less than 40 percent of the votes by party members. His opponent who is now the nominee is Antonio Álvarez Desanti.  He had about 45 percent of the vote today, a figure that eliminates the need for a runoff.

Figueres is the former president who has been tarnished by the Acatel scandal.  Álvarez is the former campaign manager for Johnny Araya in the 2014 elections.

He has been trying to win th enlimination for more than a decade.

Liberación Nacional hopes to wrest the presidency from the Partido Accion Ciudadana. Other parties will hold their internal nomination convention soon.

Álvarez has the support of the Arias brothers.

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