Border police have seized 47 horses

Border police announced that they had seized over 47 horses since the beginning of the year. The number represents more than double the amount seized for 2016 and it is only three months in.

Most of these horses are confiscated due to their obvious malnourishment, ulcers and presence of ticks on their bodies, officials said. These animals are not for riding, however. They are meant to be eaten.

The Policía de Fronteras were conducting a routine patrol along the Nicaraguan border when they spotted a group of nine horses corralled together and being led by several unidentified individuals. Those individuals escaped when they heard commands from the police, according to a report.

Officials said that the horses were in a deplorable condition. Some were blind, some were limping and others had wounds on their bodies, according to police. Many also showed infections by ticks and other parasites, police said. The animals were handed over to the Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal of the agricultural ministry.

Border police said that the increase in horse seizures along the Nicaraguan border are due to increased patrols particularly in the Los Chiles sector.

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