Sarapiquí region receives aid in development

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The rural territory constituting Sarapiquí is one of the least developed areas of Costa Rica based on data from the country’s human development index. In light of being in the bottom ten of 81 places examined by this index, the institute for rural development is attempting to improve the conditions for the inhabitants living down there through a series of aid programs and projects.

These projects mainly focus on agriculture and infrastructure building and the group is funneling substantial amounts of money to what is considered one of the poorest regions in the country.

The Instituto de Desarrollo Rural contributed to the pepper producers association increasing its total yield to 1,500 kilograms a month of the product along with an investment of at least 40 million colons. The development group has also contributed over 100 million colons for the benefit of some 28 local farmers.

The Cureña district was an area that the institute said was in desperate need of improvement particularly with the local high school. The organization gave 60 million colons to build a new cafeteria, classroom and bathroom for the school. Another 100 million colons went towards improving the sewage system in the Municipalidad de Sarapiquí.

The institute said it plans to help finance the construction of a dairy plant within the area as the nearest one for the milk, cheese and custard producers has to be transferred two hours away on the buses to Puerto Viejo twice a week.

The organization claimed it is expanding towards fostering the investment of multiple agricultural industries with many more millions of colons on the way for projects such as banana collection to the construction of greenhouses as well.

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