Agricultural sector receives millions of colons

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Some industries in Pérez Zeledón were just granted some funding to enable the growth and expansion of its businesses and to continue the profits made by the Costa Rican agricultural sector.

The agricultural ministry gave a grant of 80 million colons to the Cooperativa Agroindustrial y Servicios Múltiples de San Antonio Pérez Zeledón for the purchase and construction of a laboratory building as well as heavy-duty composting equipment.

Casa Presidencial released a statement Monday praising the initiative to aid the organic production that the cooperative does particularly in the European market. The Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería gave the funds to the organization to acquire inputs in starting the production process of Bioles commercially. These are plastic tanks used to store and distribute boils.

This is also meant to improve production of organic bananas, coffee and cocoa that the group specializes in, the government said.

Another project worth about 91.5 million colons was aimed at helping small artisanal producers of cheese from Pérez Zeledón. This is to go towards building the necessary infrastructure to guarantee safe conditions and good practices for the products being sold. It also enables the purchase of adequate equipment for the industry, Casa Presidencial said.

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