Legislator appeal to papacy ironic due to party’s support of Maduro

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The old time union leader and current legislator of the Frente Amplio party Jorge Arguedas, has requested the intermediation of  Pope Francis to stop the political crisis in Venezuela.

Through a letter sent over fax, Arguedas asked the religious leader to become an active voice in finding a consensual solution to the political crisis that’s currently affecting the South American country.

“I allow myself to write these lines to show my support in the mediation that the Vatican has offered in the face of the political crisis in our sister Republic of Venezuela,” part of the document said. The open letter was sent Thursday afternoon in the wake of at least 50 days of constant protest and unrest within the troubled country.

The letter praises the Pope’s intervention in the armed conflict of Colombia, stating it was a successful one because of a higher moral authority than that of the Organization for American States.

Frente Amplio has repeatedly come out in support of the presidency and socialist policies of Nicolas Maduro and that of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, in the past. The organization has come out in opposition to the regime’s heavy-handed tactics in suppressing any opposition. Frente Amplio appears to ignore this fact, it seems, when it criticizes the regional organization.

“ It supported dictators such as Pinochet and Somoza, who killed many,” Arguedas said in a separate statement. “It would be better if it continued to support educational or social assistance programs and not getting involved in politics”.

The request to the Pope includes a complaint of the role of the media in the Venezuelan conflict and that the religious leader can count on Arguedas if he deems it necessary.

“Part of the problem is that media lie a lot. And here there are legislators who believe those lies,” reads the document.

“We have a chancellor for whom the foreign policy of a country is a matter of interests, not principles. So in the search for peace in the fellow country, it’s better if assumed by people with moral strength and credibility as that of Pope Francis.”

On April 21, Ligia Fallas, another Frente Amplio legislator also expressed her opinion on Venezuela.

At the time, she delivered a two minute speech supporting the government of Nicolás Maduro.

The Venezuelan foreign minister, Delcy Rodríguez, used retweeted Fallas words and interpreted it as the position of the Costa Rican people.

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