Millennials are the majority in tech workforce

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The chamber for information technology came out with a new study displaying that over 66 percent of the workforce for the sector are members of the Millennial generation and it is an industry specializing in certifications and experience.

The Cámara de Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación details data gathered from over 120 specialized positions in the sector within 35 Costa Rican companies who answered the survey. The results of the study, which focuses primarily on the salaries and benefits of the professionals, was presented to Cristina Cubero, the director of human capital.

“The results of this study show that young people are making changes not only in this sector of technologies but also to the rest of the industries within the country,” she said.

The study showed some beneficial results for Costa Rican professionals seeking positions within this sector of the economy. The findings discovered that 89 percent of employees in the information technology departments received a salary increase in the last year. Moreover, the percentage of increase in professional positions was almost 5 percent above the percentage of inflation and the laws mandating an increase automatically to keep up with inflation.

Additionally, the group found that there were three areas to note within the workplaces of these professions that, they believe, were influenced by Millennials: integration activities, strong traning and flexible work schemes.

At the same time, however, over 27 percent of those surveyed displayed a turnover rate of more than 25 percent. Women in technical positions accounted for barely 22 percent of the positions in comparison to their strong participation in the other subsections of this sector, the Cámara said.

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