Montes de Oca bans agro-chemicals

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Montes de Oca canton has become the second canton to forbid the use of agro-chemicals in public spaces such as playgrounds, gardens, parks and cemeteries.

On May 22, the municipal council of Montes de Oca unanimously approved the measure that bans chemical products like Glyphosate or Paraquat, according to a press release sent by the Federación Conservacionista de Costa Rica.

The agreement also states the launch of a “hearts and minds” public relations campaign that calls Montes de Oca residents to avoid the domestic use of synthetic herbicides in schools and public institutions; it also encourages other municipalities to adopt a similar agreement, according to the statement.

“More municipal authorities study and discuss the socio-economic and environmental benefits that this simple measure represents for its inhabitants,” the document reads. “The proposal seeks to detoxify the country”.

Last April, the municipality of Peréz Zeledón became the first local government to ban the agrochemicals.

The San Rafael de Heredia and Santa Ana municipalities are also considering a similar agreement, however, the discussions are still going on in both places.

The herbicide-free cantons were pressured by several environmental organizations such as the Latin American Union of Scientists Engaged with Society and Nature, the Red de Coordinación en Biodiversidad and Bloque Verde.

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