Study in process to halt water losses

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Instituto de Fomento y Asesoría Municipal is financing a study needed to implement a loss control program for the municipal water supply of Cartago’s Paraíso community.

Around $175,000 is being put towards the study and the Tecnológico de Costa Rica, which through its water supply program is handling the information gathering. The study will include basic leakage tests and audits of the water supply in order to determine actual supply availability and demand, the institute said.

“Paraíso has for several years problems of shortages in service of drinking water, mainly in dry season, this caused that the municipality look for solutions to the problematic reason why it decided to realize a series of investments that positively affect the operation,” said Edmundo Abellán, the head of the municipal strengthening for the institute.

The financing was approved unanimously by the municipal council, the institute said. Over 12,500 taxpayers receive water from this supply.

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