Aduana makes $174,421 from public auctions

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The government’s coffers were filled a little more for the first quarter of 2017 after the finance ministry conducted public auctions carried out by customs officials.

According to a report from the Ministerio de Hacienda, the highest amount of goods obtained was from the customs house in Limón at a total of 88.3 million colons, or around $155,752. This was followed by the Aduana Central, the Aduana in Caldera on the Pacific coast and the customs-house at Paso Canoas in the southern border. The total yield from all these places was 98,548,023 colons, or around $174,421.

By comparison, the first part of 2016 yielded a total of 82,559,718 colons alone, according to data provided by the finance ministry. These public auctions are selling goods considered abandoned by Aduana, according to Hacienda officials. This means that they were not addressed to a definitive business registered with Aduana.

The goods vary between liquor to even vehicles, the ministry said. They can also be wrecked, have no known owner or are confiscated on a judicial order. Registrations are required to be a participant in the bidding and no general member of the public can randomly join it.

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