Cops arrested for helping in sicario hit

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

For $2,000, two cops detained a paroled prisoner and delivered him to two sicarios, the Spanish name for hitmen, who beat and killed him with a knife in an apparently planned assassination, according to the Judicial Investigation Organization.

The homicide took place back in August 2016 in Heredia province, according to a report from the Ministerio Público. Investigators said the victim is Colombian and was serving  a sentence in Costa Rica for drug dealing. By the time he was ambushed by these police officers, he was exiting his Centro de Atención Semi-Institucional, a place where paroled inmates are supposed to go to sleep daily to keep their benefit of being out of prison.

The day of the case, the two Fuerza Pública officers shook down the man, handcuffed him and put  him inside their patrol car. This was captured on a surveillance camera close to 3 a.m. He was then taken to San Joaquín where he was delivered to his murderers, while the cops apparently watched the situation, according to the investigators.

The recorded video caught by a security camera clearly showed the man did not have any interaction except by those officers before he was assassinated, prosecutors said. The crime is being treated as a vendetta between rival drug trafficking organizations, according to Pablo Calvo, the Judicial Investigating Organization chief in Heredia. He also said one of the cops is under custody while the other is on the run.

The killers have apparently fled the country, so an international warrant was requested from the International Criminal Police Organization, or INTERPOL. As part of the ongoing investigation, three properties were raided by judicial authorities.

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