Rural, sustainable tourism major promoted to high school students

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

This past Tuesday students from the Colgeio Universitario de Cartago and the Escuela Técnica Agrícola e Industrial participated in a starters course to learn managing techniques and practices in sustainable, rural tourism done by the local Tecnológico de Costa Rica in San Carlos.

The objective was to create a space for the students to learn more about the institute’s curriculum, facilities, scholarship offers and residences. The goal is to attract more students to enter the program and to gauge their interest as much as increasing the frequency of the activity every two months, organizers said.

Over the course of the day, over 23 students participated in the usual academic tours, talks and workshops that one can expect with a visit to a college. This one, however, brought more alumni engagement with graduates sharing their experiences and current positions in their career, the institute said.

This degree is a more rigorous one based on the requirements. Students entering the program would need to complete an additional two years to their training as well as the traditional four years of study. This allows the students to obtain their bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Tourism Management and acquire better experience to aid in the job search.

Some of those opportunities Tecnológico listed: field consultant, development manager and a professional in the realms of feasibility, evaluation, monitoring and planning of tourist activities but with an extra twist of including consciousness on the environmental and social impact of such activities.

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