Six charged with aggravated robbery

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Six suspects arrested on charges of forming a criminal gang that stole vehicles could face pretrial detention while awaiting their day in court.

Prosecutors with the Ministerio Público will request the measures before the criminal court in Pavas, according to an official statement.

The defendants are also under investigation with at least 10 cases of aggravated robbery. The majority of the offenses appear to have occurred in Heredia or the north of San José, however two members of the group are also being investigated in relation to a robbery that occurred at least two weeks ago in Herredura, just north of Jacó.

The majority of the robbery cases appear to have been with the method of bajonazo, which involves threatening a person or persons in a stopped vehicle with a weapon and having them thrown out before stealing the ride.

Officials said that local prosecutors, at the time, requested preventive detention while the case was pending however the criminal court there imposed only precautionary measures such as not being allowed to enter the canton of Garabito as well as sign in with the court every 15 days and a promise to commit no further crimes. If the alleged offenses are true, then obviously the two defendants in question did not keep their promise to not commit any more crimes. At the time, the prosecution was appealing that move by the local court, the ministry said.

These two suspects and a third subject were also caught by police on suspicion of raiding a chicken seller in El Carmen de Guadelupe along with two other persons uninvolved in the aforementioned cases, officials said.

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