One major problem that any adult over the age of 60 faces is the lower back pain. As our bodies age, the cartilage breakdown between the facets of the spine, causing extreme pain. This is worsened during sleep due to the use of the wrong kind of mattress. It is important for the elderly to find a mattress which helps minimize the pain and promote better sleep. In this article, we will be discussing mattresses for the elderly.

It Bed

It Bed is revolutionizing the way you sleep, especially if you sleep. This bed is made with foam blend which has adjustable air chambers which allows for a softer bed but with a firmer personality. Also, it has a temperature adjusting materials, which ensures that your body keeps warm or cool throughout the night. It is one of the best adjustable beds reviews for the elderly, as it helps keep the temperature of the bed comfortable.

Tomorrow Hybrid Mattress

One of the highest-rated mattresses of all time is the hybrid mattress which combines has a combination of memory foam as well as coils which help support every movement of the body perfectly regardless of the position you sleep. It is topped with a gel swirl memory foam which contours the body to relieve pressure. The topcoat is designed by NASA which helps regulate body temperature in real-time

Layla Mattress

Layla mattress is the only mattress which is infused with copper, which comes with a two in one side. One side of the mattress is soft where the other is firm to help you sleep comfortably as you like. This mattress has incomparable deep compression support, which can give extra support while keeping your spine aligned.

Cedar Mattress

The cedar mattress is a hybrid mattress which has a core of coils which provides spinal support and has a stronger coil on the sides to ensure that one does not roll off from the sides. The latex has been designed to provide support to the back, shoulder and legs and ensure that the body receives individualized pressure relief. As cedar mattress is all-natural, it is anti-microbial as well as eco-friendly.

Helix Mattress

The Helix mattress is a mattress which you can easily customize according to your sleeping preferences. You can customize preferences like position, firmness, the temperature, height weight, age, etc. This information allows you to get yourself a custom-engineered mattress that meets your needs. Helix also makes hybrid mattresses with micro-coils that works well to relieve pressure. The polyform is perfectly placed to support your body, and the dynamic foam allows for enhanced comfort and cooling, which sets well with the contour of your body.