Best places to learn surfing


Want to go surfing? Go ahead! Don’t know how to surf and want to learn? You might want to get a look at the schools listed below. Here are some of the best locations to learn surfing in the US


Surfing Lessons on Waikiki Beach

The Waikiki Beach is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is known as the place where surfing was born. This beach is said to perfect because of the soft and sandy bottom and the relatively shallow water. The waves here have a steady and gentle roll and that makes it less intimidating. You get personalized tips from a professional instructor there and also stable boards which make it very easy to learn.

Oahu North Shore Surfing

This beach is located in Haleiwa, Oahu. Two hour sessions are organized in the beach. You will meet a professional instructor who will teach you the basics and help you catch gentle waves. No experience is required, and beginners in surfing can choose different types of sessions anytime of the day. Use of all equipment including surfboards and wetsuits, is included.

Kauai Poipu Beach Surf Lessons

This beach is found in Koloa, Hawaii. You learn how to surf in Sheraton Beach in Poipu. You can get the help of a professional and experienced Surf Instructor. The lesson is a small-group experience with a maximum of eight participants. It is small-group tour with choice of several departures throughout the day.


Surf Lessons in South Maui


It is located in Kiehi, Hawaii. There are a number of surf packages available ranging from semi-private to a full-on family surf safari. You can learn basic surfing techniques from trained instructors before heading to the water. Surf lessons are for ages five and up and can also be upgraded to include a lunch.

Venice beach Private Surf Lesson

It is located in Santa Monica, California. California is one of the most popular surf cities. It is perfect for all ages and skill levels and comes with all the necessary equipment required. The session goes upto 1.5 or 2 hours at max. The Instructors are equipped to teach beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, for everyone above the age of 4.