One major problem that any adult over the age of 60 faces is the lower back pain. As our bodies age, the cartilage breakdown between the facets of the spine, causing extreme pain. This is worsened during sleep due to the use of the wrong kind of mattress. It is important for the elderly to find a mattress which helps minimize the pain and promote better sleep. In this article, we will be discussing mattresses for the elderly.

It Bed

It Bed is revolutionizing the way you sleep, especially if you sleep. This bed is made with foam blend which has adjustable air chambers which allows for a softer bed but with a firmer personality. Also, it has a temperature adjusting materials, which ensures that your body keeps warm or cool throughout the night. It is one of the best adjustable beds reviews for the elderly, as it helps keep the temperature of the bed comfortable.

Tomorrow Hybrid Mattress

One of the highest-rated mattresses of all time is the hybrid mattress which combines has a combination of memory foam as well as coils which help support every movement of the body perfectly regardless of the position you sleep. It is topped with a gel swirl memory foam which contours the body to relieve pressure. The topcoat is designed by NASA which helps regulate body temperature in real-time

Layla Mattress

Layla mattress is the only mattress which is infused with copper, which comes with a two in one side. One side of the mattress is soft where the other is firm to help you sleep comfortably as you like. This mattress has incomparable deep compression support, which can give extra support while keeping your spine aligned.

Cedar Mattress

The cedar mattress is a hybrid mattress which has a core of coils which provides spinal support and has a stronger coil on the sides to ensure that one does not roll off from the sides. The latex has been designed to provide support to the back, shoulder and legs and ensure that the body receives individualized pressure relief. As cedar mattress is all-natural, it is anti-microbial as well as eco-friendly.

Helix Mattress

The Helix mattress is a mattress which you can easily customize according to your sleeping preferences. You can customize preferences like position, firmness, the temperature, height weight, age, etc. This information allows you to get yourself a custom-engineered mattress that meets your needs. Helix also makes hybrid mattresses with micro-coils that works well to relieve pressure. The polyform is perfectly placed to support your body, and the dynamic foam allows for enhanced comfort and cooling, which sets well with the contour of your body.

What Effect Does Climate Change Have on the Environment?

A dramatic south-looking view of Stevens Creek reservoir in California during a drought; Shutterstock ID 369367394; Job: 369367394

One of the biggest discussions being held all over the globe is climate change and the effects thereof on the environment.

From sea levels rising to increased drought and even polar bears dying in the Antarctic, with incredibly heart-breaking footage of starving polar bears to be found online, people are becoming more and more aware of climate change.

Since it’s having an even greater effect on the environment than ever before, people also realise how they contribute to the environment and all the bad that goes with it.

Since plastic pollution is considered to have one of the biggest effects on global warming, the environment suffers every second of every day.

Climate change is a major threat to countries globally, as well as the lives of the people, animals and plants that live within these environments.

What’s the Problem?

Mentioning that plastic affects climate change, is like saying there’s one letter in the alphabet. Many different factors have an effect on climate change.

The man-made effects of the world that causes an increase in carbon pollution, which can be caused by the production of materials, the production of fuel and other chemical gasses, substances and most of the industrial, mechanical and technological advancements in product and services we use today.

The Causes of Climate Change

Considering that carbon dioxide is the number one contributor to climate change, it’s something that needs to be paid attention to and change, to allow humans to sustain the environment altogether ultimately.

Carbon dioxide is as a greenhouse gas that traps heat within the atmosphere. In doing so, it regulates the climate. Carbon dioxide is necessary for life, and since they already exist naturally, the earth doesn’t need more of it.

The contribution of carbon dioxide to the environment, initiated by human activity, however, increases the carbon dioxide to unimaginable levels, which causes pollution, which adds to the greenhouse gasses in the ozone layer. This entire process causes the layer to get thicker, which also causes the earth to get warmer as it adapts to change.

How Does Climate Change Affect the Ocean?

When the levels of carbon dioxide are too high, the ocean also absorbs it, which makes it more acidic. It also causes a major problem for sea life and can eventually cause small organisms to die, which means less food for fish and even cause larger marine animals to die.

Climate change is altered every single day. With temperatures increasing annually, the weather is getting more unpredictable and extreme.

Climate change is causing heat waves, which causes droughts, and in some places, intense rainfalls and eventually, floods. Climate change also has a massive effect on the probability of natural disasters occurring. It’s causing everything from hurricanes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, different types of storms, as well as earthquakes, which is causing a lot of danger to the environment, as well as the life that lives in it.

Best places to learn surfing


Want to go surfing? Go ahead! Don’t know how to surf and want to learn? You might want to get a look at the schools listed below. Here are some of the best locations to learn surfing in the US


Surfing Lessons on Waikiki Beach

The Waikiki Beach is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is known as the place where surfing was born. This beach is said to perfect because of the soft and sandy bottom and the relatively shallow water. The waves here have a steady and gentle roll and that makes it less intimidating. You get personalized tips from a professional instructor there and also stable boards which make it very easy to learn.

Oahu North Shore Surfing

This beach is located in Haleiwa, Oahu. Two hour sessions are organized in the beach. You will meet a professional instructor who will teach you the basics and help you catch gentle waves. No experience is required, and beginners in surfing can choose different types of sessions anytime of the day. Use of all equipment including surfboards and wetsuits, is included.

Kauai Poipu Beach Surf Lessons

This beach is found in Koloa, Hawaii. You learn how to surf in Sheraton Beach in Poipu. You can get the help of a professional and experienced Surf Instructor. The lesson is a small-group experience with a maximum of eight participants. It is small-group tour with choice of several departures throughout the day.


Surf Lessons in South Maui


It is located in Kiehi, Hawaii. There are a number of surf packages available ranging from semi-private to a full-on family surf safari. You can learn basic surfing techniques from trained instructors before heading to the water. Surf lessons are for ages five and up and can also be upgraded to include a lunch.

Venice beach Private Surf Lesson

It is located in Santa Monica, California. California is one of the most popular surf cities. It is perfect for all ages and skill levels and comes with all the necessary equipment required. The session goes upto 1.5 or 2 hours at max. The Instructors are equipped to teach beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, for everyone above the age of 4.

Best Surf Spots around the World


Everyone is a fan of surfing. There is no other feeling like it. Some people are scared to do it, and some are too lazy. However, there is no doubt that it the most loved and followed sport in the world. There are some crazy surfing spots in the world when you can have unlimited fun. Some of the craziest are listed below

The Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

It is located on the island on the Oahu in Hawaii where modern surfing was developed with one of the heaviest waves in the world. Most surfers will never be good enough to ride here. It is everyone’s dream to surf here. Surfers consider it a great achievement surfing along its perfect crest and the waves scaling more than six meters over a shallow base of razor-blaze table reef. Ride in this one to commune with one of nature’s finest creations.

Supertubes, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

The best spot to surf around in South Africa is in the Dolphin Beach of Jeffrey’s Bay. Expert surfers flock here for rides up to 300 meters long. Jeffrey’s Bay is divided into sections – Kitchen Windows, Magna Tubes, Boneyards, and Supertubes. It comes under the top five right-hand ride in the world. It has achieved the prestigious Blue Flag status. The Dolphin Beach also has an amazing reef to snorkel.

Teahupo’o, Tahiti, French Polynesia

It is described as one of the most perfect and feared in the world. It has acquired the name “Wall of Heads” as its heavy hollow-breaking wave is as dangerous as it is rewarding. A pro surfer described it as, “It’s a short, intense ride and when it gets above 10 feet it’s one of the most surreal waves in the world – almost cartoonish”.

Maverick’s, California

The water level out here sometimes reaches bone-chilling heights of 25 meters. This wave is meant for the gutsiest of board riders. The height of water levels can be explained by the storms happening at sea. One famous skilled surfer going by the name Mark Foo died surfing at this point. It is said that the only way to reach this waves at heights of 25 meters is by boat or jet-ski. If you come at it at the wrong angle and you are dessert for the fishes.

These are some of the widely famous surfing spots across the world. If you can surf in any of these without any hurdles, then, you can join a small club of overachievers and boast about it for the rest of your life.

Tips for beginner surfers


Surfing is a very loved sport around the whole world. It is one adventure sport that no one gets tired of. Many people feel like surfing, but most of them end up being too scared to do it. There are many places where they train you on how to do it, and they are pretty good also. If you are planning to go surfing, here are some tips that could help you:

Get a soft-top surfboard

Wavestorm surfboards are currently the best selling surfboards in the world. It is primarily because they are a lot of fun and a great entry-level board because of its soft top. When you are learning, it inevitable that you might fail to do it right for the first couple of times. When your surfboard has a soft top, it won’t hurt you that much, and your body can take it.

Surf somewhere with fewer people

Look for spots which are less crowded. If you go to one of the popular places in your areas, you might find surfers who have most likely been there forever and will get the best waves. If you pick somewhere not that popular, with not many people around, you will get more waves and get better at it faster.

Practice your pop up

For those who don’t know what that is, the process involves laying down your board in the sand and lay down on it. You then stand up and get to a comfortable stance according to your convenience and start surfing. Imagine this happening in the water. That is pop up. The key to standing up on a wave is a quick pop up.

Shuffle your feet

Even though this does not have much to do with the actual riding of a wave, you should shuffle your feet while walking in and out of the water. With that, your chances of getting hit by a stingray are drastically reduced.

Find that sweet spot when paddling

You need to find a sweet spot in the middle of the surfboard. When you do, mark it with something and make sure that you paddle in that position. Beginner surfers are always seen paddling far too back on their boards, causing it to do a wheelie and then going slow. On the other side, some paddle up too far on their boards.

Bend the knees, not your back

When you get your chance to surf on a wave, make sure that you bend your knees and not hunch your back over. You will have more control and more balance as opposed to other ways of doing it. Also, bending your knees and surfing is just plain style.

World’s Best Snorkeling Destinations


Snorkeling is the practice of swimming while equipped with a diving mask, a shape breathing tube called a snorkel, and usually swimfins. A snorkel is used for breathing while underwater. These days, going underwater and exploring the aquatic life is a great thrill for many people. So the next time you feel like going for a hike underwater, you need to know the right places. Some of them are

Ambergris Caye, Belize

It is home to a barrier reef 185 miles large, making it the largest barrier reef outside Austrailia. Inside Belize, you have opportunities to get close and personal with eels, rays and all kinds of colored fish. For divers and snorkelers, some of the best options are found off of Ambergris Caye, including the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and the self-explanatory shark-ray alley teeming with sharks.

Ilha Grande, Brazil

It is an island located halfway between Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, off the coast of Brazil. It is surrounded by blue waters containing brilliantly colored fish. There are hotels on the island. It is largely untouched with monkey-filled jungles. You get to do amazing things like diving into the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon, swim with seahorses, ogle the underwater coves, and many more. The waters off of the island are also home to dozens of shipwrecks.

The Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is majorly known as one of the best spots in the world with incredible snorkeling spots. The Big Island has more square footage than all the other islands combined. Major attractions of the place include an underwater state park at Kealakekua Bay which has technicolor coral and colorful fish. It is also known as the spot where Captain James Cook landed on the island.

Palawan, The Philippines

The waters surrounding the islands of the Philippines make up a diverse eco-system filled with breathtaking wildlife. There are tons of snorkeling opportunities in the Philippines. You can go dive into the Bay of Donsol and swim with whale sharks or visit the coral reefs outside the Noa Noa island. Other spots include the Honda Bay, the island’s fish-filled lagoons, the Tubbataha reef and also the Starfish and Cowrie islands.

Buck Island, St. Croix, USVI

The Buck Island in the U.S. Virgin island consists of mainly national parks where rather than finding mountains or buffalos or bears, you will most likely run into a friendly octopus. The Elkhorn coral reefs under Buck Island’s waters make up for a brilliant snorkeling spot where you will probably find colorful parrotfishes, three species of sea turtles, the endangered brown pelicans, and many more.